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Technologies for Industrial Applications
µMaker for Paper Microfluidics
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Microprobe Positioning System
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Modified Lathe Tool Post
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Optical Nano-Antenna
Download(168KB)Image Not Found
Low Cost Oxygen Monitor (LCOM)
Download(135KB)Image Not Found
Diffraction Lloyd Mirror Interferometer
Download(190KB)Image Not Found
Download(323KB)Image Not Found
Malaria Parasite Detection Instrument
Download(349KB)Image Not Found
Nano-Encapsulation of Herbal Extracts using tFOCUS System
Download(380KB)Image Not Found
Portable Solar Powered Vaccine Cooler (SPVC)
Download(563KB)Image Not Found
Nano-Fiber Fabrication Facility
Download(516KB)Image Not Found
NABL Accredited Calibration Facility
Download(737KB)Image Not Found

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