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S. No. Title Description Download
Tender No. CSIO/4(14)2018-Pur

Electromechanical Airworthy Actuator (Specifications enclosed) Click here
Tender No. CSIO/4(30)/2018-Pur

Purchase of Automated solid phase extraction (SPE) system (Specification enclosed)
Click here
3 Tender No. CSIO/3(23)/2018-Pur

Reference Sound Source with Specifications Attached
Click here
4 Tender No. CSIO/3(12)/2018-Pur

Simultaneous Thermal Analyser (TGA coupled with DSC & DTA) 
Click here
5 Corrigendum Tender No. CSIO/7(73)/2018-Pur

Revised Specifications One number of CCD Image Sensor/Camera for Digital Holography Related Application  Click here
6 Tender No. CSIO/5(151)/2018-Pur

Server with Specifications Attached
Click here
7 Tender No. CSIO/4(22)/2018-Pur

Autotitrator Suitable for the Measurement of Acid Value, Iodine Value, Peroxide Value and Saponification Value of Edible Oils along with Two Burettes. Specification Attached
Click here
8 Tender No. CSIO/4(32)/2018-Pur

Benchtop Multiparametric Conductivity Meter. Detail Specifications Attached. Click here
9 Tender No. CSIO/(52)/2018-Pur

SMA Termination/connectorization toolkit for bare Multimode Fiber Optic Cable Click here
Tender No. CSIO/7(73)/2018-Pur

One number of CCD Image Sensor/Camera for digital holography related application 
Click here

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