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Micro and Nano Optics Centre (µ-NOC)

Principal Scientist
Tel: (+91)-172-2672-286

1. Fabrication of optical fiber based nano-antenna and its application in optical tweezing, non-diffracting beam generation, non-linear optics, imaging and spectroscopy.
2. Design, and development of fiber Bragg grating (FBG) and long-period grating (LPG) sensors.
3. Interferometric interrogation of FBG and Pi-Phase-Shifted FBG sensors; Dynamic strain measurement with fiber grating based sensors for various applications.
4. Diffractive optics design and fabrication.
5. Computer Generated Holograms, development of holographic printers, portable digital holographic camera, holographic projectors and dynamic holographic 3D displays for various applications.
6. Design and development of optical fiber/ fiber grating based chemical/biological/gas sensors utilizing the light-matter interaction at the nanoscale.
7. Development of fibre Braggs grating based sensors for accelerometer, hydrophone, strain-temperature monitoring.
8. Design and analysis of metasurface/metamaterial-based structures for sensing and communication applications.
9. Design & development of optical systems using spherical surfaces, Aspheric, Diffractive, Hybrid & freeform surfaces/elements.
10. Metrology of various optical components (spherical, aspheric, Diffractive, Hybrid & freeform surfaces/elements)
The micro-nano-optics center aims to develop technical expertise in fabrication and measurement of large area diffractive optical elements (DOEs) as well as micro-nano photonics components in order to take a lead in futuristic photonics research and to cater to the urgent need of indigenization of technological solutions in various sector including strategic, aerospace, biomedical, advanced sensing, automobiles, entertainment etc. The centre would like to provide support to industries from research & development to scalable process and product development. The scientists of this centre are engaged in design, fabrication and measurement of DOEs which can manipulate light’s phase and amplitude to create desired output pattern with a unique functionality required for unconventional designs of optical instruments including displays and sensors. The scientists of this centre have expertise in design and development of holographic components such as holographic optical elements for various applications, holography for non-destructive testing and metrology including holographic interferometers and camera, computer generated holograms, dynamic holographic 3D displays, holographic printer, electro-holographic projector etc. In the field of fiber optics and nano-photonics, the team members are involved in extensive research in numerous theoretical and experimental areas including development of optical fiber components for application in the state-of-art optical instrumentation, such as optical antenna, near-field optics, optical imaging, optical tweezer; development of optical fiber based chemical/biological/gas sensors (based on plasmonic, long-period-grating, evanescent wave, fluorescence and interferometric techniques); development of fibre Braggs grating based sensors for accelerometer, hydrophone, strain-temperature monitoring and development of metamaterial-based mid IR sensors.
1. UV laser Writer for lithography 
2. DC & RF Magnetron Sputtering
3. Gas Mixing setup
4. Avantes Spectrometer - Spectral Range - 200 nm to 1100nm
5. Ocean Insight - Flame spectrometer
6. Ocean Insight -785nm laser source connected to Raman Spectrometer (QEPro)
7. Ocean Optics Maya 2000PRO spectrometer (NIR Enhanced)
8. Ocean Optics HR4000 Spectrometer (800-975nm)
9. New Age- ERA SM Spectrometer- (Spectral Range- 200-900 nm)
10. New age NIR spectrometer 1000-2200nm
11. Optical Spectrum Analyser AQ6373-Yokogawa (350-1200nm)
12. Optical spectrum analyzer (600-1700) nm
13. Thorlabs He-Ne LASER Source- Red (633nm)
14. Benchtop fiberized LASER Source- Red (660nm)
15. Blue LASER Source
16. Monochromatic Light Source (Zolix, spectral Range 200-2200 nm)
17. SLD Light Source (810-880nm)
18. ASE source (1525nm-1575nm)
19. ASE Source (1525nm-1565nm, +13dBm)
20. Avantes while light source
21. New age halogen power source
22. Laser diode with TEC controller (980 nm)
23. Electro-Optic Modulator
24. Power Meter (800 nm - 1700 nm, -60 dBm to +13 dBm)
25. Power Meter (400 nm - 1100 nm, -60 dBm to +16 dBm)
26. Smart Scan Interrogator
27. Interferometry Facility
28. Holography Facility
29. Carl Zeiss Stereo Microscope with camera
30. Fujikura Splicer 40S
31.Thorlabs nano stage with controller
32. Holmarc translation stage (x,y,z,rotation) with controller
33. 5-axis Stage Holmarc
34. UV curing setup
35. Si25 Interrogator static
36. Dip Coating
37. Spin Coating
38. Refractometer
1.Technologies Transferred
2.Technologies ready to Transfer
3.Patents Granted
4.Patents Filed

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