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Technologies for Agriculture & Environment
Air-Assisted Electrostatic Sprayer (AAESS)
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Electrostatic Dust Mitigation and Environment Protection Device
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Electrostatic Disinfection Machine
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Digital Grain Moisture Analyser (DGMA)
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Joints and Hinges for Bamboo/Composite Sections
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Indigenised Lypohiliser for Fruits and Vegetables
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Customized Honey Hive for quality Honey
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Iodine Value Meter
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Impedance Grain Moisture Analyser (IGMA)
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Automatic Rice Classification System
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Integrated System For Fluoride, Nitrate And Arsenic Sensing In Potable Water
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Fluoride Sensing In Potable Water
Download(136KB)Image Not Found
Nitrate Sensing In Potable Water
Download(142KB)Image Not Found
Arsenic Sensing In Potable Water
Download(178KB)Image Not Found
Recycling Of Waste CFLs And Tubelights
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Recycling of Waste Zinc And Lithium Batteries To Recover Useful Products
Download(444KB)Image Not Found
Rice Grain Analysis Software
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