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Welcome, Here you can find various science concept that you can teach your kids using household items because science is everywhere so why not we learn from everywhere.

1. Opening or closing a water tap - A phenomena of torque of couple
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When we apply two equal forces on a body which is fixed about an axis of rotation and the line of action of force is parallel and opposite to each other then the torque(Moment of force- Rotational equivalent of force)  of couple is produced.
So when we rotate the water tap , we apply two equal forces in opposite direction by our thumb and our index finger which are equal which produce the torque of couple, which help the tap to rotate about its axis of rotation.
2. Polishing shoes is like filling in a road’s potholes

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Regular shoes usually gets scratches and mud all over them. so it appears dull to the eyes because when the light hit the surface it gets scattered. But when you polish the shoes it fills those scratches and make the surface smooth. Like when the Road crew fill potholes to make the road smooth.  
3. Glass breaks easily - Amorphous structure
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The glass structure is amorphous in nature which means all the atoms are loosely and randomly bound in the structure so when a glass is fallen to the ground a force is applied on it to change its shape. The atoms which are loosely bound can not absorb this energy and loses its shape and can’t rearrange themselves quickly to retain the glass structure, so it collapses, shattering fragments everywhere.

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