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Objectives of CSIO
Central Scientific instruments Organization (CSIO), Chandigarh is a national laboratory under Council of Scientific and industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi dedicated to research, design and development of scientific instruments of diverse nature. The instruments are designed in keeping with contemporary international standards and their relevance to potential needs of the nation.
Mission Statement of CSIO
To be a leader at national level for designing and developing scientific and industrial instrument systems and devices; play a lead role in providing repair, maintenance & calibration and training of instrument technologists and be a custodian of instrumentation activity in the country.
CSIO is one of the constituent laboratories under the umbrella of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi and a foremost National Laboratory, engaged in research, design & development of scientific instruments in the country. It was started in October, 1959 in pursuance to the recommendations of the committee set up by the Planning Commission to formulate a scheme for the development of scientific instruments industry in India.
Initially, it was located in the CSIR building at New Delhi and then shifted to Chandigarh in 1962. It occupies an area of around 120 acres of land In the heart of city. The main campus comprises of R&D laboratories, Indo-Swiss Training Centre (ISTC), Administrative Block, Workshop and Housing Complex.
Presently the Institute has total staff strength of 583 including scientists, technologists scientific & technical supporting personnel and administrative & supporting staff. Fifteen major R&D disciplines, three Service & Maintenance Centres and ISTC form the core strength of the Institute
Duties, Main Activities and Functions of CSIO
  • To undertake research, design and development of scientific and industrial instruments, their components and instrument  systems;
  • To undertake repair and maintenance of sophisticated instruments through a network of Service & Maintenance (S&M)  Centres, located in various parts of India;
  • To offer technical assistance to industrial and various other users of instruments by way of fabrication, testing, calibration, analysis and performance evaluation, etc;
  • To provide advanced training in instrument technology aimed at human research development for the benefit of precision instrument industry and R&D institutions;
  • To survey and assess the present and future needs of various types of scientific and industrial instruments in the country and to collate, co-ordinate and disseminate information on the subject;
  • To assist in evolving national standards for instruments in collaboration with other institutes like BIS;
  • To assist in the formulation and coordination, of policies and procedures related to the development of instrument industry.

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