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S. No. Title Description Download
Tender No. CSIO/3(1)/2019-Pur

Pre-Indent conference for procurement of Vacuum sputtering Coating System
Click here Image Not Found[801KB]
2 Tender No. CSIO/3(58)/2018-Pur

3D Scanner, Reverse Engineering & Inspection Software  Click here Image Not Found[502KB]
3 Tender No. CSIO/3(68)/2018-Pur

Multichannel Electrochmeical Analyser (Potentiostat Galvanostat System) 
Click here Image Not Found[482KB]
4 Tender No. CSIO/7(76)/2018-Pur

Click here Image Not Found[7717KB]
5 Tender No. CSIO/4(75)/2018-Pur

PC controlled double beam and double monochromator UV • Visible Spectrophotometer for Soil sample analysis in Concentration/quanitation, Photometric, Spectrum and Kinetics mode, along with single and multicell sample compartment options, as per the specifications attached herewith (Annexure-A):
Click here Image Not Found[243KB]
6 Tender No. CSIO/3(44)/2018-Pur

Multi-channel Electrochemical Workstation
Click here Image Not Found[1192KB]
Tender No. CSIO/3(63)/2018-Pur

TE-cooled NIR Spectrometer with compatible separate source
Click here Image Not Found[592KB]
8 Tender No. CSIO/7(121)/2018-Pur

SLA 3D Printer With Installation And Training
Click here Image Not Found[1326KB]
Tender No. CSIO/3(11)/2018-Pur

Digitally Controlled Automatic Screen Printer
Click here Image Not Found[454KB]
10 Tender No.CSI0/4(113)/2018-Pur

Vacuum Coating Unit (Detailed specifications as per attached Annexure- I)
Click here Image Not Found[387KB]

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