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Civil Tender

S.No. Title Description Download
1 NIT No. 08 /2013-14/ESD/CSIO/Chd. Renovation and Modification of Lab NIT_12801282.pdf
2 NIT No. 07 /2013-14/ESD/CSIO/Chd Renovation of Room no. 8 and 11 for controlled storage solution at 2nd floor of Tech. block in CSIO NIT_1277.pdf
3 NIT No. 06 /2013-14/ESD/CSIO/Chd Renovation of space for Techniques and Technology for seed/ grain quality analysis assurance NIT_1278.pdf
4 CSIO/1290,1288/2013-14/ESD Maintenance of office and staff quarters area in CSIO NIT Tender- 2013-14.pdf
5 NIT No.04 /2013-14/ESD/CSIO/Chd. White washing & maintenance of vacant Quarters in CSIO Colony, Chandigarh. NIT_Tender_2013-14.pdf
6 NIT No. 03 /2013-14/ESD/CSIO/Chd Renovation of labs for Part-II of AHR and HMD simulation and optics (Next Generation) Room NIT1279.pdf