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Civil Tender

S.No. Title Description Download
1 Award of NIT No. 01/2016-17/ESD/C.S.I.O./Chd Renovation of optical thin film, Laboratory-2 in CSIR-CSIO Sector-30, Chandigarh nit1323.pdf
2 Tender No.04/2016-17/ESD/C.S.I.O./Chd 1. Maintenance of Staff Quarters in CSIR-CSIO, Chandigarh for year (2016-17). 2.Maintenance of Office area in CSIO, Chandigarh. (2016-17) NIT-1338___1340.pdf
3 NIT No. 03/2016-17/ESD/C.S.I.O./Chd Periodical repair and painting in vacant Staff Quarters of CSIO, Chandigarh. (2016-17) nit-1339.pdf
4 NIT No. 02/ 2016-17/ESD/CSIO/ Chd 1. Construction of Toilet and Security post near electrical section in CSIR-CSIO, Chandigarh. 2. Renovation of Reception in Technology block in CSIO, Chandigarh. NIT-13301324.pdf
5 NIT No. 01/2016-17/ESD/C.S.I.O./Chd Renovation of optical thin film 2 near Administration block in CSIR-CSIO Sector-30, Chandigarh nit_1323.pdf
6 Finalisation of Tender No. CSIO/1302/14-15/ESD Strengthening & recarpeting of road in Office and Colony area CSIR-CSIO, Sector-30, Chandigarh tenderaward.pdf
7 Tender No. 04/2015-16/ESD/C.S.I.O./Chd. 1. Renovation of Labs of Advance optics & opt mechanical assembly in advance material & Sensors Lab. 2. Provision of Ladies Toilet at ground floor & 2nd floor of Tech. block in CSIO, Chandigah. 04-2015-16ESD.pdf
8 Tender No.03/2015-16/ESD/CSIO/Chd Exterior Maintenance and Painting etc of Staff quarters in CSIO, Chandigarh New NIT-1318.pdf